Information and referral support is available to service providers.

A Network of Agencies Against Forced Marriages has been established to support with forced marriages cases. These network members include front-line service providers, researchers, advocates and additional committed community partners.   A Forced Marriages toolkit has been designed as guide to assist service providers in dealing with cases of forced marriage in Ontario and to facilitate open discussion with different stakeholders, including youth and their families. It contains practical information for the identification and prevention of forced marriage as well strategies for intervention.  We encourage the users of this toolkit to adapt this document to suit their needs as well as the needs of the people they work with to make it more accessible and relevant.  Download toolkit here.

This brochure provides information and resources on forced marriages. It can be printed and distributed as needed.

This poster can be utilized by service providers to promote an understanding of the forced marriages issue.

Additional resources are available to provide further information on forced marriages for both service providers and community members.

A Forced Marriages Unit (FMU) is established in the UK. The following UK resources can be explored to gain more awareness on the issue.

Forced Marriage Unit (FMU)

Phone: 020 7008 1500    or  +44 20 7008 1500 (from abroad) (24-hour line)

Forced Marriage Awareness


Honour Crimes Directory (developed by CIMEL and INTERIGHTS)

A comprehensive list of local NGOs has been created through a project in United Kingdom called ‘ ‘Strategies to Address ‘Crimes of Honour’’, a joint project between CIMEL (the Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law) and INTERIGHTS (the International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights). This ‘Honour Crimes Directory’ is available at

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